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We are proud to have a close relationship with each of our clients as we strive to develop new partnerships. We provide all our clients with a conscious level of management services of excellence. Our real estate developers have analytical, financial, marketing, interpersonal and organizational skills that are required in this industry.


Property management: It includes rental management, budgets, tenant management, taxes, local rates and insurance management, as well as the measurement of service quality and facilities.

GestiĆ³n financiera: All services related to billing, supervision, monitoring and improvement of finances.

Technical management: Internal technical team responsible for the maintenance of assets and general conservation, as well as the coordination of the different contractors / service providers. Constant monitoring of the asset in terms of energy efficiency, security, etc.

Quality and Experience

With numerous national and international projects, Blue Grup has focused its activity on the main urban areas and key coastal destinations. The projects achieved are generally characterized by a privileged location, high quality construction and execution within the budget.

Market vision

The solid technical experience and the knowledge acquired over a long period of time are our best guarantee, as well as an unparalleled vision of the local market with a permanent presence through our national and international teams.

Blue Group manages the entire value chain of real estate development, from the acquisition of land, urban planning and planning, and complete supervision of the evolution of the work, to the delivery of the asset for its exploitation. It also deals with the management of rental contracts, obtaining financing and day-to-day corporate management (ie, tax, accounting, administration …).