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In Blue Collection Group we are concerned about the safety of our clients, and we are aware of the situation we are all living. Precisely thinking about financial well-being, we have designed beneficial offers that ensure a high rate of return in the real estate market, being the safest investment in these times, besides being located in Tulum, city with the highest tourism and economic growth in all Latin America, even higher than Miami. With the investment you make today you will be able to enjoy recurring and dollarized income in the short and medium term.
Why is it a good idea to invest in real estate in Tulum in this time of COVID-19?
The investment generates financial security for retirement, since it is a property located in the city with the highest economic growth in all of Latin America.A high ROI (Return Of Investment) is obtained, since it provides extra income when renting, regardless of the season, due to its location, in a city with constant tourist growth.Protection to the value of money against currencies in fickle markets, since it represents a lower risk than other financial instruments.It increases its value in the long term, a benefit offered by the city of Tulum, which has been rated for more than 10 years for having the best beaches in the world. Finally, we want to thank you for taking the decision to protect your money and family heritage, as well as thinking ahead with a profitable investment.On behalf of Blue Luxury, we congratulate you for the decision you made for your family, once the coronavirus situation passes, you will be in the group of people who decided to grow and worry about their future.


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